“Graceland,” All Lit Up, May 2, 2019

“A Good One,” Feathertale Issue 20, Winter 2018

“Emmylou,” Maisonneuve, Issue 63, Spring 2017

“Horses,” Found Press, May 24, 2016 (also available as a limited edition chapbook)

“Dorothy” (excerpt), kawarthaNOW, April 24, 2015

“The Gamechanger,” Found Press, June, 2014

“Jamboree,” The Puritan, Spring 2014

“Edwards, On the Next Flight Out of Town,” Hobart, April 3, 2014

“Dark Blue,” This Magazine, January/February, 2014

“What You Need,” Little Fiction, August, 2013

“The Marys,” Scrivener Creative Review No. 38, 2013

“Fat Albert,” Found Press, May, 2013

“The Rate at Which He Fell,” The New Quarterly Issue 125, Winter, 2013

“In the Foothills,” PRISM international 50.4, Summer, 2012

“The Expansiveness of My Sound,” Found Press, November, 2011

“Vocalion,” Carleton Now, April, 2009


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