Memorial Day

The tension that was present in the van before we went into the store has been replaced by a breezy feeling. An easy give and take, an attitude like, fuck it, it’s the Memorial Day weekend, and the sun is out in America. Our afternoon promises hammers and power tools and cold beer. I’ll get a burn on my forearms. There will be barbecued hamburgers. The kids will climb trees.

— from “What You Need,” available at Little Fiction.


In Conversation with Trevor Corkum

I think hopelessness is a pervasive enough feeling among human beings—perhaps increasingly so, I’m not sure—but there’s certainly an extra element to it when you add isolation to the mix. Writing fiction about people in such circumstances is appealing because it can be a quieter space, a cleaner canvas on which to wreak your havoc.

— from a conversation with Trevor Corkum, conducted for Little Fiction. Read the rest of the interview right here.

2014-15 Little Fiction Authors Book Preview

Andrew Forbes writes with precision and power. His stories often take an intimate and unique look at relationships, families, and friendships. And usually at moments when things seem as though they’re ready to come apart. That’s when Andrew is at his best—when he’s navigating characters (and us) through their troubles, desires, mistakes and loyalties.


Little Fiction has posted a preview of upcoming books by past and future LF contributors on their tumblr, and I’m pleased to have What You Need included. Troy Palmer, the brains behind LF, is a champion for both short stories and the folks who write them, as you can probably infer from that wonderful blurb up there that he wrote. Also mentioned are books by Lee Kvern, Eliza Robertson, Shawn Syms, Leesa Cross-Smith, Andrew Sullivan, and Kevin Hardcastle — all good folks whose books you should seek out when they’re available.

What You Need

Excited to say that my story, “What You Need,” is now available over at Little Fiction. LF is a great free publication that offers an embarrassment of riches if short fiction is your thing. Founder and editor Troy Palmer is passionate about the form, and that translates in the care he takes in presenting the stories. Please take the time to check out the whole site (i.e. not just my story), including the other new pieces by Julie McArthur and Jules Archer.