“gritty and elegant”

This is a breath taking collection—in that it is literally hard to breathe while you read these stories, such is their power, insight, and ability to expertly mine the secret vein of sorrow that runs below every ordinary, extraordinary life. Forbes’ stories manage to be gritty and elegant at the same time, rendered with Munro-esque mastery and restraint.

Grace O’Connell, author of Be Ready for the Lightning and Magnified World


Lands and Forests is available for pre-order now.

Open Book: Toronto Writer-in-Residence

I’m the writer-in-residence at Open Book: Toronto for the month of May. Stop by often for posts on music, procrastination, baseball, and, I guess, writing.

To get into the swing of things I did Open Book‘s take on the Proust Questionnaire, and in the process learned a little something about myself (namely that I really don’t have answers to most of the questions on a Proust Questionnaire).

Thanks to Grace O’Connell and everyone at OB:T for the invitation, and apologies for all the damage I’m about to do to your esteemed brand.