The Panda Game is not the drunken mess it used to be

They played the 47th Panda Game last weekend. It was, as it has always been, a chance for the respective schools’ supporters to show enthusiasm for their educational institutions, cheering on the football teams as costumed proxies. These are not, by and large, big football fans. They are young people in search of something about which to scream. They are looking for a party. They are looking for a drink.

“The Panda Game: When Canadian College Football is a Big Deal,” for VICE Sports Canada


Why I Said Goodbye to the NFL

…the game was on and “Rooster” was playing real loud and everybody was laughing and backslapping and, by God, who were we but fellow football fans? Steadfast friendships are formed from lesser stuff, at least it seemed to me that night.

— from “Why I Said Goodbye To the NFL” (originally published to Medium as “My Life Without You”) which has been picked up by The Cauldron, tastefully trimmed, and given a new name