On Alex Rodriguez

His Hall of Fame bonafides are undeniable; it seems safe to assume they would have been that way even if he’d never applied Anthony Bosch’s weird science to his body. He was always a hell of a ballplayer, and denying that would be foolish. He also cheated, and lied, and covered it up, confessed in a manner not quite pleasing to us, and then did it all again. Fans will say that this is why we dislike him. I think the reason Alex Rodriguez arouses such discomfiture in us is that, when we gaze upon him, we know that he is in so many ways just what we asked for, and that the fault is ours for not being specific enough with our wishes. He is our imprecise desire made grotesque; the baseball hero David Cronenberg would give us.

“We Made Alex Rodriguez Who He Is,” for Vice Sports