“Graceland,” one of the dozen stories in Lands and Forests, is now available at the All Lit Up blog, along with a short interview, as part of their celebration of Short Story Month.


New Story: Horses


It’s common, when talking about things below the surface, to mention icebergs. He prefers to think of trees, whose enormous canopies are mirrored in sprawling root systems, hidden from view by dirt, vegetation, parking lots. They are stubborn and tireless, but also flexible, mutable. They can accommodate, and bend, and redirect themselves. Unlike our pipes, he thinks, our wires, our gas lines, which are fixed and static. This is what a crew in the south end learned. They’d gone down to an existing gas line, set to be rerouted for a new road, and found roots, like thick, frozen serpents, and when they’d attempted to remove them they’d punctured the line, which sent debris both organic and mineral lashing outward, and forced skyward a roaring spume of natural gas.

— from “Horses,” now available at Found Press

The Expansiveness of My Sound: An Audiobook (Audiostory?)

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I recorded myself reading the first story I ever published with Found Press, “The Expansiveness of My Sound,” about an Ethiopian saxophonist named Metche Hufu (which was cut from the book, though not, I believe, for a lack of quality, but because it just didn’t fit the overall tone). A teaser of the recording is available here, and you can hear the whole thing if you subscribe to FP which, even if they hadn’t taken three of my stories, I’d still be quick to suggest you do. It’s a wonderful site for lovers of short fiction, well worth your time and (tiny bit of) money.

Praise for What You Need

In Andrew Forbes’ collection of 17 stories, What You Need, old-fashioned values are sometimes gut-punched by modern life. With echoes of Raymond Carver, Richard Ford, and the grace of Flannery O’Connor, Forbes is the real deal short story writer. Forbes’ deft story telling and distinctive, intimate voice takes the reader into the hearts and souls of his introspective characters’ little triumphs and tragedies. Tough, tender, visceral lyricism is always balanced with an ironic warmth, humour, and just enough hope.

Richard Taylor, author of House Inside the Waves: Domesticity, Art and the Surfing Life


What You Need available for pre-order


Loyalties collide with long-buried love, a man builds a nuclear bomb in his garage, and helicopters ferry away the injured. What You Need is a collection of vital, honest stories told in a personal and urgent style. Forbes’s characters struggle to challenge their all too ordinary lives, falling victim to fate, to one another, and to self-sabotage. These are stories about failure and yearning, and they remind us of the humour and humanity in even the worst decisions.

What You Need is now available for preorder, and will be on store shelves come April.

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