Opening Day Book News Roundup

We here in Ontario are about to go into another lockdown, and the air outside my window is adance with snow flurries, but it’s Opening Day, damn it, and so we rejoice and find gladness in the promise of a new season. Tomorrow, April 2, is the official publication date of The Only Way Is the Steady Way, so chosen because it’s also the twentieth anniversary of Ichiro’s MLB debut. It’s also the fifth anniversary of the publication of The Utility of Boredom. That one was a coincidence, but it’s still worth noting. Regarding the former, there have been some developments—articles, appearances, etc.—that I’ll endeavour to round up here:

  • I appeared on a recent episode of Justin McGuire’s Baseball By the Book podcast (listen to it here or anywhere you get your podcasts)

That’s it for now, but there’ll be a lot more stuff in the near future, including interviews and podcasts. Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Opening Day Book News Roundup

  1. Your writing style is very good, similar to Roger Angel, but that book spent way too much time on Ichiro. Every other chapter was Ichiro plus he is in the cover. Most people are not into Ichiro that deeply and you could have covered other players

    • Thanks for the comment, Sam, and the compliment. Angell is a hero, of course. As for your problem with the book, I suppose I figured that if people weren’t interested in Ichiro, they wouldn’t read it, given that his name is in the title and his image on the cover. The book is most certainly preoccupied with Ichiro, and that was the point. I’m sorry it didn’t connect with you.

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