Catching Up with Meaningful Games

I’ve been writing blog posts about postseason baseball over at Invisible Publishing’s site, but I’ve been lousy about updating this site to reflect that. So, to catch up:

Meaningful Games: Drama (October 8)

Regarding the Blue Jays, there is a lot to see and hear and read today, probably a lot more than there was the last time the team prepared to throw open the gates of the SkyDome for a playoff game, so I don’t want to get in the way of your taking all that in. I only want to tell you that in grade seven, in Mr. Barrett’s drama class, I conceived of, wrote, and performed a wordless dramatic piece about the Pirates and the Blue Jays in the World Series. It was called “Game 7,” and in it the Blue Jays won.


Meaningful Games: That One Hurt (October 10)

But whether or not Odor’s foot came off the bag (it did) and regardless of Tulowitzki’s tag (he got him), and notwithstanding how that would have altered the outcome of the game (they’d have gotten out of the inning and then scored in the bottom half and we’d all be hungover with joy today, not abject misery), it’s probably necessary to pan back a bit and remember that this, in all its heartrending glory, is baseball.


Meaningful Games:  Thanksgiving (October 14)

Well fed and watered, sitting on that couch, watching the unsung Marco Estrada spin magic and Troy Tulowitzki send a rope to left field and drive in four runs, talking baseball with a relative, I felt wonderful. I felt sustained. Sometimes, baseball is shorthand for the people it invites into our lives, and those loved ones with whom we’ll share it.


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