New Story: “Jamboree”

There was a field behind me, and country music, a kind of bullshit good time hokum, people dancing in stupid hats, people sitting in lawn chairs keeping time on their knees, people having sex behind Porta Potties. I could hear it all, though of course I couldn’t really hear any of it. It was fifteen minutes down 7, or a hundred miles away, or a thousand. But it was there, in my ears, as Frank’s spade cut the sod and Cub stood holding his can of vodka cooler. How do people have fun, I wondered.


The Puritan (“Frontiers of New English”) has published my story “Jamboree” in their Spring 2014 issue. You can read it here, and you can (and should) also read stories by Trevor Corkum and Victoria Hetherington, poems by Liz Worth, Sarah Pinder, and others, interviews, etc.

Thanks to the editors and readers at The Puritan for making this happen.


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